Home is where the heart is

The Casa Maris Educational Trust aims to provide learners with tertiary education opportunities.

Upliftment of Education Opportunities for SLPV includes:

  • Pre-School Level
  • Primary School
  • High School

How will funds be generated?

10% of the selling price of each vacant erf will be donated to the trust. Thereafter, 1,5% of the selling price of each house as well as a monthly levy of R700 per household will be donated to the trust.

The solar plant and the internal electrical infrastructure will be done under the auspices of the trust, which means that the home owners would need to purchase their electricity from the trust.

The annual profit or percentage thereof will be donated for educational purposes to SLPV.


  • 300 Permanent
  • 300 Indirect Opportunities

Fynbos Conservation

  • 10 people daily removing alien tree species

Education Trust

  • From Pre-School to Tertiary Level

Bee Farming

  • Provide an area that are free from pesticides for the bees to fodder
  • Honey Production


  • Restoration of Tollhouse
  • Rehabilitation of Ox-Wagon Trails

The Casa Maris Educational Trust has already made an impact:

  • We have arranged with ABM-AMRO bank to donate 200 laptops to school in SLPV
  • A second consignment of another 200 laptops are ready for shipment
  • Snowball inter-service provider is providing free WIFI to the school for the next 20 years
  • Snowball will donate 10% of all data sales to the trust for educational purposes, once the Casa Maris Eco-Estate is completed