Casa Maris Luxury Eco Estate seamlessly flows and blends, forming part of the mountainous landscape, while ensuring that the natural beauty of the surrounds are not only maintained, but celebrated.

With a timeless, mid-century modern style of free, organic architecture, Casa Maris will be built using many natural elements like rock, steel and glass to blend in with the environment.

The Casa Maris offers a unique combination of modern comfort and old-world charm, open spaces and exclusivity, boasting 20 smaller homes around a lake and 148 larger homes on the hillside.

The erven of the larger homes will be at least 30 meters apart and on fairly steep slope, allowing for garages to be placed underneath.

The estate has its own fresh water bottling plant and will also generate much of its own electricity.

Perfect harmony and geometric simplicity…

The environment lives in the architecture, and vice versa