The Casa Maris Water Bottling Plant

Endless amounts of water…

Casa Maris Luxury Eco Estate is found in close proximity to the Steenbras Dam, thus enjoys vast volumes of water at a constant charge.
The yield from the artesian borehole on Casa Maris is sufficient to maintain supply to a 52 million litres per annum bottling plant (allowing 2 litres water usage per 1 litre bottled).

The borehole at Casa Maris has been of interest as a source of bottled water for a long time.

Perfect location…

The borehole is at the top-end of the location in a protected Nature Area. As such, this water source is well protected from any extraneous pollution source or event.
The artesian borehole called the Waterberg Artesian Borehole can be used as a suitable source for water supply to the Casa Maris bottling plant. Should this production be approached, it will be a simple matter to drill a duplicate borehole.

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Golden opportunity…

After intensive hydrogeological investigations, it has been found that groundwater obtained from the artesian borehole at Casa Maris is of good quality and suitable for bottled water.
The hydrological investigation forms part of the South African National Bottled Water Association (SANBWA) bottled water and SANS 1657:2007 “Bottled water of subterranean origin” requirements.